About Way for Life

Way for Life is a registered, youth-driven NGO, based in Bengaluru, Karnataka, founded in the year 2017. The footsteps of our approaches to community development and environmental sustenance have been ideated and undertaken by the energetic body of youth volunteers who write our story through reshaping yours. What our action survives and thrives on is sustained by the dynamism of considerate, passionate young volunteers whose outlook on life aligns with ours! The desire to uplift the marginalized sections of the society, coupled with an equal emphasis on commonly neglected issues such as Blood requirements, Relief programs, and educational and environmental issues have comprised the major activities which Way for Life engages in. Our most referenced contribution to the field of Social Service is usually our involvement and intervention programs with Government schools. Our assistance varies from reconnecting the broken dots on the walls of these schools to coloring the very same structures - through the supply of physical equipment, the labor, and the selfless voluntary teachers who transform the lives of the innocent day-dreamers into problem-solvers and goal-achievers.
The issues which our organization seeks to impact a positive change in are limitless – hence, the open-ended usage of the word ‘Life’ in its name. Owing to this interest and determination to involve and serve ourselves in whatever is the need of the hour, Way for Life is functional in 7 cities across India, namely: Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai and Delhi and tackles a multitude of issues pertinent and peculiar to these cities. Way for Life, through its 200+ events and recurring activities in the past few years, has strived to take actions that result in long-lasting positive changes to whoever the beneficiaries may have been, and whatever issues that we have attempted to placate. A wayward life is not the most beneficial way forward. Our steps taken collectively as an NGO for the past few years have been an ascension in the livelihoods of not only our beneficiaries but our volunteers and partners too. Providing each of these souls involved in the action an ability to not only hope for a better future but actually seeing it to fruition is an assurance that our work is one that is leading our nation in the right direction. Our challenges are endless, but our determination is boundless too. Together, we have and we shall continue to overcome whatever obstacles stand in our efforts in paving the way for better lives.


We envision a continued, sustained upliftment in the lives of the people we work for through the collaborative efforts and ideas of all people who yearn for a positive change in the society.


The core impetus for our tireless actions stems from our desire for improved, independent societies, whereby the problems of troubled communities and neglected environmental and social issues are brought changes to, through collective innovation and activity.

Our Values


We expect and practice a sense of Respect for sentiments of all individuals, concern for all environmental growth and undertake a keen sense of compassion in all of our endeavours. Our emphasis on the practice of this moral code has transformed the personal habits of most of our associates.


Togetherness, instilled through mutual learning and teaching by all parties involved is the foundation of our innovativeness and vigour. A sustained partnership with all our volunteers, corporate partners and local organisations, Government schools and Shelter Homes has helped the smooth and efficient functioning of our activities.


If our Organisation is the body, Volunteerism is the blood that sustains its life. The selfless, Voluntary contributions by our peers and partners, who share with us a similar desire to continually seek for newer improvements in the lives and livelihood of all people and particles we try to amend, is the most essential quality we advocate for in all of our engagements.


The spark for the idea of Way for Life came about after three like-minded classmates were exposed and eventually astonished by the massive discrepancy that existed between an underprivileged student who studied in a Government school and a student in a Private school. The obvious financial imbalance that both of the students came from, coupled with the lack (almost an absolute absence) of even the most necessary infrastructure in the Government schools greatly affected the comfort and naivety of our founders. This inequality, they resolved, was one that required immediate correction. Way for Life started off in 2017 with 3 members and the support of a few local retailers in Bangalore. Witnessing a steady growth of support and participation from onlookers soon after the very 1st event instilled in the members then not only the confidence to proceed with their actions, but also a conviction that what they were putting their collective efforts into would soon blossom into fruition.

To appease the obvious, seemingly unending depreciation which our Indian education system is a perpetrator of – which leaves with it an innumerable number of destitute, student victims who lack the resources and knowledge of a way to move forward – Way for Life’s main motives are centralised towards correcting this flaw in the system. By instilling a greater efficiency in the transference and exchange of knowledge and improving the infrastructure in Government schools, Way for Life is confident that these small steps will make student-hood a ‘learning experience’ and not simply a ‘test’ of one’s memory. The activities have not been restricted to this field alone in the 3 years since our inception. With our functioning in 7 cities across India, our 6000+ volunteer body is constantly working on ways to improve the constantly changing political, social, environmental scenarios in our country, by directing our efforts towards issues and communities which are regularly neglected.