Way for Life has always used corporate volunteering engagement as one of its tools to execute the programmes. The past year has not been any different! Working by its main mantra – development, the organisation has engaged in more than 185 events in cities like Bangalore,Hyderabad and Mumbai and collaborated with numerous local and global NGOs to accelerate the betterment of government schools, which also are they key focus for the organisation when it comes to development. The organisation’s engagement with around 25-30 corporate clients in the year makes it very clear, that corporate volunteering engagement is what capacitates it to undertake the numerous projects. Apart from working for the development of government schools, Way for Life also collaborated with around 25 other NGOs to work on community problems during the year and helped several other organisations in better implementation of their plans

Way For Life partners with corporates in their CSR initiatives through the following:

  • Education programs in schools,orphanages, and shelter homes
  • Employee Volunteering for various causes
  • Our major interventions

  • Employee Volunteering: Way For Life engages employee volunteers from corporate in a variety of volunteering interventions in education & civic welfare.
  • Education programs: One of our flagship projects, ‘Government School Development’ is an initiative which demands the cooperation and contribution of almost all of our volunteers and partners. The project commences with rigorous research conducted by our volunteers who inspect the conditions prevalent in Government schools, report on their inadequacies and eventually, conceptualize all the possible interventions which Way for Life can undertake.
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