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The strengthening of our outreach is facilitated by the efforts of our interns. Our interns, who render their voluntary services come from varied professional and educational backgrounds which contributes to the comprehensive approach which Way for Life constantly adopts and adapts to. Their innate skills and abilities are enhanced through the different avenues of assistance they choose for themselves! Their contributions are integral steps that are fundamental for the sustenance of our interventions, and also mark the beginning of a life-long relationship between our interns, the organisation and the spirit of volunteerism. The design of our internships varies depending on the interest of our interns, but the knowledge and maturity that one receives through our internships have been almost identical in all of our interns! The diverse range of our activities has been the most crucial element of learning which all of our interns are equipped with, and subsequently benefit from, which eventually translates in their personal, educational and professional skills too.